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How to Create Anchors

1. Login to your website.
*Note: your control panel may be a small triangle with a wrench in the upper left hand corner

2. Create a new page or open an existing page in which you want to add anchors.

3. Type the content or list of questions. Make several spaces between the end of your list and where the answers or corresponding information begins.

4. After you enter several spaces at the end of the content or list of questions, type the corresponding answers or content, leaving a space between each answer or sponsor.

5. At the end of each response, on a new line, type “Top of Page” or “Top”. This will let the user know that they can easily be directed back to the top of the page.

6. Once the content is complete, you can now begin to set your anchors. Put the cursor where you want the anchor to go. In this case, since it’s for the Top of the Page anchor link, the cursor is set at the beginning of the text.

7. After the cursor is in place, select the “Anchor” button.The button looks like a flag on a pole.

8. A small box will pop-up; this is where you will enter the name of your anchor.

9. Name the anchor something that corresponds with what you will be linking.
*NOTE: Anchor names need to be all lowercase, alphanumeric characters ONLY. No spaces, underscores or special characters.

10. After you have named your anchor, click “OK”.

11. You now have your first anchor set on the page. With the anchor in place, it’s time to insert the anchors for the answers (or sponsors) that correspond with the questions (or list of content).

12. Click at the beginning of the first answer or list of sponsors.

13. Select the “Anchor” button.

14. Just as in Steps 8 and 9, a small box will pop-up; create a name for this anchor. (Remember the note from Step 9 when creating the name)

15. Once the name is created, click “OK”.

16. You now have an anchor in place for the first answer.

17. Repeat Steps 12-15 for the remaining answers or sponsors. You will need to create different anchor names for each answer. 

Now that the Anchors are complete, you can now begin to work on hyperlinking the questions and content to the corresponding anchors.

18. Highlight the text that will hyperlink to the anchor.

19. Once the text is highlighted, select the “Link” button. The button looks like the earth with a chain link.

20. A small box will pop-up; from the “Link Type” drop down menu, select “Link to anchor in the text”.

21. From the “Select an Anchor By Anchor Name” drop down menu, select the name of the anchor that you created in Step #9. You should see the names of all of the anchors that you created available in the drop down menu.

You have the option to “Name” the hyperlink when you’re setting it up. This option is often used for visually impaired individuals by reading aloud to the visitor whatever the link has been named.
Optional Step #22: In the small pop-up window to “Insert/Edit Link”, click on the “Advanced” tab. You will see a section that says “Advisory Title”, this is where you will enter the name of your link.
 You can name the link anything; it can be the entire question, the name of the group of sponsors, etc. Once you have named the link, click “OK” and you’re done. Repeat as necessary.

23. Once the name of the anchor is selected, click “OK”.

24. The text is now a hyperlink to the anchor you selected.

25. Follow Steps 20-24 to hyperlink each question (or Sponsor Group), making sure that you select the anchor name that corresponds with the question.

26. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

It’s always helpful to test out the links to make sure they’re working correctly.

If all of the links are working properly, then your work with Anchors is done.


Quick Video Tutorial for Adding Anchors

Choose files or drag and drop files
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