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How to Create a Secure Page/Area

A "secure page/area" is created to provide content to a specific group of individuals within your organization (Board Members, Volunteers, Staff, etc.). All of our website packages comes with 3 secure areas; if you require additional areas, it will be custom programming at a rate of $95/hour with a minimum of 1 hour (we can complete 3 areas in 1 hour).

To get your secure page/area setup, please submit a support ticket and let us know the following information:

1. Name of the Group/Secure Area
2. If you want to have one general login for the entire group to use or individual logins for each member
3. If you want to have one general login for the entire group, please provide us with the following information:

  • Username (if you have a preference)
  • Password (if you have a preference)
  • Email Address - will need to be an email address that is not already associated with an account on your site

4. If you want to have individual logins for each member, please provide us with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

5. Once we have created your new secure page/area, you will now see a new "content type" when you click on "Create Content" on your site; it will typically look something like "Secure Page for Board Members"

Creating the Secure Page
To create a secure page, you will go to Content>Add content>Secure areas for ....... then follow the exact same steps when creating a basic page; the only difference is that only the specific group members will be able to see the page and content.

If your secure pages were created during the programming of your site then once you have your secure page created submit a support ticket to have the secure group log in created.  Please refer to #2,3 and 4 above.

Secure Page has Been Created
Once you have created your secure page, please submit a support ticket letting us know the URL for the page. Once we receive that, we will setup a "redirect", so that when someone from that specific group logs into the site, they will be automatically directed to the secure page.

If you have any further questions, please submit a support ticket.

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