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How to Create and Manage Blocks

Please note all block management done by you is limited to your internal pages. Any home page layout changes must be done by OneEach Technologies and may include a Custom Programming Fee. To confirm, please submit a ticket with your desired changes and we will respond accordingly.

1. Login to your site
2. In the control panel, select "Structure"
3. Select "Blocks"
4. In the upper left corner, click on "Add Block"
6. You only need to add/edit 4 areas:

  • Block Description - this is the descriptive title of your new block (just for reference - visitor will not see it)
  • Block Body - this is the content of your block
  • Region Settings - Select the area/region in which you want the block to appear; if you are unsure of the location, please submit a support ticket and we can get it added for you.
  • Show block on specific pages - this will determine the pages in which the new block will appear. You have two options for visibility:
    • Show on every page except what you specify (“Show on every page expect the listed pages.”) OR
    • Show only on the pages you specify (“Show on only the listed pages.”)

With either option you list only the Page Specific URL. The Page Specific URL is everything that comes after the .org/ of the webpage address.

EX: “Contact Us” Page URL = so the Page Specific URL = contact-us

NOTE: If you choose “show on every page except the listed pages” you are REQUIRED to use the following notation in the “pages” listing area: <front>

If you do not make this notation and your website view is displaced as a result, custom programming time may be required to fix your website and could possibly result in a charge to cover the custom programming time used.

7. Once you have entered/edited your applicable information, click "Save Block"
8. You will now be back at the block listing page.

That's it!

NOTE: If you did not create the block please DO NOT make any edits to the location of settings of the block.

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