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How to Setup Your OneEach Email Account on Your iPhone

So, you've got a fancy new iPhone to go along with your fancy new email account with OneEach, but how do you make them work together? Follow these instructions and they will be working together in perfect harmony! :)

1. Select "Settings"

2. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" 

3. Select "Add Account..."

4. Select "Other" 

5. Select "Add Mail Account" 

Enter the following information:
Name: Your Full Name or how you want it to appear when sending from your iPhone
Address: Full Email Address
Password: Email Password
Description: Your Preference

6. Select "Next"

7. Select "POP" 

Enter your Account Information again

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name:
User Name: Your Full Email Address
Password: Your Email Password

Outgoing Mail Server
Host Name:

8. Select "Save"

**Wait for Verification

9. Once the account has been verified, go back to Account Information and select "Advanced" under the Outgoing Mail Server section. 

Authentication: Password
Server Port: 995 

After you have entered this information, go back to this screen 

Click on "SMTP"

Under the "Primary Server" section, select ""

Enter the following information:

  • Server: ON
  • Host Name:
  • User Name: Full Email Address
  • Password: Email Password
  • Use SSL: ON
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 587

Select "Done" in the upper right corner. That's it!

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