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How to Embed a Video on Your Site

  1. Go to the YouTube (or whatever provider you use) video you would like to embed
  2. Below the video, click on 'Share' from the options listed, select 'Embed'
  3. A field with HTML code will appear
  4. Highlight and copy the code
  5. Go to the page on your site that you want to add the video and go to edit the page
  6. Directly below the 'Body' part of the form, click on the 'Disable rich text' link (Drupal 7) or in the text editor bar, click on the 'Source' icon '<>' (Drupal 8)
  7. Click in the body area where you want to place the video
  8. Paste the embed code
  9. Click the 'Enable rich text' link just below the body form (Drupal 7) or click on the 'Source' icon in the text editor (Drupal 8)
  10. Click 'Save' to save the page and see the video