How to Setup Your OneEach Email Account in Mac Mail

Email Account Setup*

The first step in creating the new email account is to get to the "Accounts" in Mac Mail.

  1. Open Mac Mail
  2. Once the program is open, go to the main menu at the top of the screen and select Mail
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Preferences
  4. A new window will pop-up, Accounts, select the Account Information tab. This will show a list of current email accounts that are setup with Mac Mail and their settings
  5. From the Account Information tab, select the email account that needs to be set up (The account settings and information will be visible on the right side of the window.)

Email Settings

The next step in setting up an email account is to adjust the email account settings in Mac Mail.

Now that the email account that needs to be set up is selected, it is time to adjust the settings

  1. First, under the Account Information tab, in the first section, for Account Type select POP
  2. Then, for Description, enter your email address
  3. Next, for Email Address, enter user @ yourdomain [dot] com. The user name can be anything you choose; it can be or or any other combination that you choose to use
  4. For Full Name, enter your full name because this will be what shows up when you send an email
  5. Under the next section on the same window, for Incoming Mail Server, enter
  6. Then, for User Name, enter your entire email address that you selected
  7. For Password, think of something that no one else would be able to figure out; as with all passwords, it is important to not have any repetitive characters or personal information that other people may know about you. NOTE - It is recommended to use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and characters like %$@! in order to make the password more unique and difficult to figure out
  8. Now, under the next section on the same window, for the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), select
  9. Next, click on Server Settings
  10. Make sure the Outgoing Mail Server is
  11. Change the Server Port to 587
  12. For Authentication, select Password
  13. Under User Name, enter your entire email address and for Password, enter your email password
  14. Click OK

Once the Server Settings are complete, there are some optional additional settings that can be changed.

Additional Settings

  1. Select the Mailbox Behaviors tab
  2. Sent lets you determine when you want your sent messages to be deleted
  3. Junk lets you determine when you want your junk mail to be deleted
  4. Trash lets you determine where you want your trash moved to and when you want it to be permamnently deleted from Mac Mail
  5. Once the Mailbox Behaviors are changed to your specifications, select the Advanced tab
  6. Go down to the Authentication drop-down menu and select Password
  7. The rest of the sections on the Advanced tab are options that you can adjust to your own personal specifications.

REQUIRED: You will want to limit the amount of time that an email stays on the server; since the emails are already downloaded to Mac Mail, removing them from the server will not remove them from Mac Mail. When you are in Mac Mail and viewing your email account, there is a checkbox on the right side that says "Remove copy from server after retrieving a message:"From the drop down list of options, select "After One Week". This allows you to avoid maxing out your email space quota on the server.

Finishing Up

  1. Once you have finished the Advanced information, the email account settings are complete
  2. To exit out, click on the red circle at the top left corner of the Accounts window
  3. A new window will pop up asking if you would like to save your changes. Click Yes.

The email account setup is now complete and you can now use your new email address with your new domain name. If there are any further questions regarding email account setup for Mac Mail please submit a support ticket at