Texting FAQs: Getting Started

So you have a texting account? Now what?
Great. Congratulations on starting the process. Once you have created an account, you may visit the Help menu at the top of the account dashboard for more information. We recommend sending a few test SMS/text messages to office teammates or personal contacts. You may send 10 SMS/text messages without entering any payment information or purchasing a plan.

No? Need a little guidance? We understand. New things can be hard.

Visit this link and create an account. Then see the message above.

Sending your first text
Visit the left navigation while signed into your texting account.

  1. Choose “Send a Text Message” from the upper left side.
  2. Enter one or more mobile phone numbers to receive your text message.
  3. Type your message, being mindful of the 160 character limit.
  4. Click “Continue” to see a preview of your message before sending.
  5. Choose “Send Message” if you are happy with it, or “Edit Message” if you would like to make changes.
  6. Hooray! You have sent out a message from your texting account!

Do I have to choose a monthly plan?

No. Your account will default to the Pay & Go Plan. With the Pay & Go Plan you are able to keep your texting account open without purchasing a monthly plan or having payment information loaded online. With this plan you can buy credits or rent Keywords as you need them. However, you will pay 40-50% more for this plan, over our other monthly plans.

Choosing a plan
If you are an OneEach website customer, please review the plans available online, but do not choose one. See Preferred Plans below.

Monthly plans are billed every 30 days and allow you to increase, decrease or cancel your account every 30 days. Each plan comes with a preset number of SMS/Text credits and Keywords. Plan credits are replenished every 30 days.

  1. To Choose a “Change My Plan” visit the left navigation while signed into your texting account.
  2. Choose “Change My Plan”
  3. Select a plan that fits your needs.
  4. Click “Save Plan”
  5. If you do not have a form of payment loaded in your account, you will be asked to add payment at this time.

What is a Preferred Plan?
Preferred Plans have the same number of SMS/Text Credits and Keywords as our standard monthly plans. They feature discounts for any additional purchases of SMS/Text Credits above the plan limits. All OneEach website customers are eligible for preferred plans, bringing the cost of additional credits and keywords to 5 cents/SMS and $25/Keyword/Month regardless of what monthly plan they choose.

A OneEach team member must verify your website account and place you on one these plans from an admin portal.