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Sedona - Image Sizes

A quick reference guide to the sizes for all images found on the Sedona theme

NOTE: These are all the MINIMUM sizes that your images should be to fit the specific image dimensions on the site.

These apply to all of the following versions of the Sedona Theme:

  • https://sedona.oneeach.org
  • https://sedona-uw.oneeach.org
  • https://sedona-unity.oneeach.org

Home Page

  • Front Page Rotor Images: 2000px x 700px
  • Focus Areas Icons: 300px x 300px
  • Front Page Promo Banners: 853px x 853px
  • Upcoming Events: 260px x 175px
  • Background Image #1: 2000px x 500px
  • Latest News & Updates: 340px x 200px
  • Background Image #2: 2000px x 500px

Internal Pages

  • Header Image: 2000px x 450px
  • News Page (/news): 260px x 260px
  • Board of Directors/Staff: 220px x 300px