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How to Get Site Verification for Google Analytics

This quick guide tells you how to gain access to your Google Analytics account if you are unable to access it.

So, you want to start tracking the visitor information for your website, but you can't access your Google Analytics account?

In order to allow you access to that account, Google requires you to verify the ownership of your site, which is where we come in.

Just follow these steps and you'll be back in with your site stats in no time. :)

  1. Go to No One Has Administrative Access
  2. Follow the instructions to get your code
  3. Copy the information found under Step 1 of "Prove site ownership"; be sure to update the information where indicated. Once you've updated the information and copied the information, paste it into a plain text (.TXT) document and be sure to title it: analytics.txt
  4. Submit a ticket to our support site and request that we add this to your site
  5. Our support team will get the code added and let you know once it's been completed; you will then be able to go back to Google to request access to your account.

Since this is a third party system, if you have any issues getting this information, you will want to be sure to contact Google directly for assistance.